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Diagnose problems and patterns of problems easily, detect them automatically, and even generate service calls from emails...

Event log for easy tracking/tracing of problems

Changes to your school's ICT assets can be logged and flagged up automatically. This allows you to see when networked assets have been moved physically, as well as when new software or hardware have been installed, and where, at a glance. As service and asset management can be integrated, you can also see recurring patterns for example, a printer which constantly needs servicing, or consumes excessive toner.

Service call generation from emails

Service Manager's unique email portal can automatically create service calls from emails from multiple inbound sources, an industry first which allows users to send support requests remotely and have them routed automatically to the correct responder.

Automatic alerting

Asset Manager and Service Manager’s auto-alerting functions are unique and extremely powerful – from detected changes to the network and assets, impending problems, or troubleshooting for network managers, to auto-responses to service users alerting them that their response has been received outside service hours. Again, these functions remove administrative steps, freeing school IT technicians and administrators to focus on the tasks in hand, and are fully configurable to meet your establishment’s requirements.

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