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Your school, college, or academy's assets could include anything from items of furniture to IT equipment, or even your staff. Asset Manager and Service Manager help you keep track of it all...

Detect changes of location

You can set Asset Manager to perform regular scans, update the registry, and report on changes. As well as aiding compliance, this also means that networked IT assets that move location (for example by being taken from one classroom to another) can be tracked and located.

Scan and inventory using mobile app

You can scan barcode and QR labels using a mobile device equipped with our Service Manager app. See mobile functionality for more details.

Generate barcode, QR, and PAT labels automatically

Asset Manager can generate barcode labels automatically – including barcodes and QR codes based on serial numbers. It can even generate PAT test labels for you, making auditing, stocktaking, and safety compliance much easier, and enabling key asset and support management functions to be integrated. The mobile app also enables you to carry out asset and service management and booking functions using the codes.

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