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With CSE Asset Manager and Service Manager, your school can carry out key support functions (such as call assignment) automatically, and head off many portential support issues before they have the chance to become a problem...

Autonotification and pre-emptive support

Asset Manager and Service Manager's fully configurable auto-notification systems can email you warnings of potential problems such as impending hard drive failures or low disk space: filters allow you to determine (for example) which disk types will trigger alerts. The system can also warn you of low stock levels of consumables such as toner cartridges, impending warranty, lease, or PAT test expiries, and licence non-compliance, heading off unpleasant surprises and panicked support calls before they happen.

Automate key service functions

Asset Manager and Service Manager combine to automate key functions. They enable you to assign support calls automatically to user-defined service request categories, then route them to the appropriate internal or external contact for actioning, cutting out administrative steps for network managers and technicians. For example, they can alert the relevant staff when stock of key consumables such as toner cartridges is running low, and (uniquely) auto-generate and assign service calls from incoming emails, depending on your chosen settings.

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