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Knowing what you have and where it is is vital to any modern education establishment. CSE Asset Manager and Service Manager can scan your school's network and detect connected assets automatically, add other assets easily, and help you categorise them in the way that best suits you...

Automated IT asset registry; intuitive non-IT asset registry

Based on your settings, Asset Manager can search your network to discover and create a register of connected IT assets automatically, recording where they are, what they are connected to, the make and model, and even the serial number and warranty status. For non-IT assets such as furniture, vehicles, or even people, Asset Manager has an easy-to-use, fully customisable interface for adding them to your register.

Import/export CSVs

If you have existing records of your assets that you wish to integrate into Asset Manager for example in spreadsheets or databases then you can upload these records to Asset Manager via a CSV file. By the same token, you can export CSV files from Asset Manager to create reports, or checklists for audits, stocktaking, and other business processes.

Custom hierarchies

You can configure Asset Manager to record assets in whichever way best suits your school or group of schools. Uniquely, this enables you to create parent/child categories and hierarchies of assets (e.g. tablets in a trolley, tables in a room), allowing you to report on and audit assets both by type (including location) and by hierarchy. You can set your own custom classifications and discovery rules too.

Powerful scan configuration

You can choose how and when you want Asset Manager to scan your school, college, or academy's network, and how you are notified of changes to your networked assets, putting you in complete control.

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