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Asset Manager and Service Manager can help your school meet its key financial, environmental, licence, and disposal obligations...

Testing, warranties, and leasing

Asset Manager can hold details of assets that require regular testing, such as vehicles (MOTs), fire extinguishers, and electrical items (PAT tests), and warn you by email automatically when they are close to their test date. It can flag impending warranty or lease expiry, and can even generate PAT test labels for you.

Power usage/CO₂

The environmental impacts of energy usage as well as the costs are of increasing importance. Asset Manager enables you to calculate and track the energy consumption and impact of individual electronic assets in both kWh and CO₂emissions.

Disposal procedure compliance

Asset Manager's thorough tombstoning processes allow you to record details of asset disposal, taking the items out of the live register and archiving disposal details to ensure the correct procedures have been followed. Items can be 'resurrected' from this process if necessary, and to ensure transparency no records are deleted from the system altogether.

Software licence compliance

Asset Manager can record software installations and check them against licences held, flagging up any instances of non-compliance for you to action.

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