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Clear reports and projections of what your assets are worth, knowing when they have reached the end of their useful life, and disposing of them correctly are key business functions for schools. Asset Manager and Service Manager help you deliver them.

Value of assets and scenario generation

Asset Manager and Service Manager can record the purchase value and date of an asset, and enables you to project depreciation by straight line depreciation, depreciation based on useful economic life, and the reducing balance method. It also allows you to create scenarios to illustrate replacement costs based on the projected useful life of your school's assets, and generate reports on residual and book values that are particularly valuable for fixed asset reporting. Other features include the option to view the Net Book Value (NBV) of entire asset categories.

Cost of ownership

Asset Manager and Service Manager's integration allows you to report on an asset's purchase price, power usage, service history and costs, and the cost of any consumables associated with it, to build a complete cost of ownership report. Set against depreciation and an asset's projected life, this allows your school to identify and create a business case for retiring or replacing assets which are no longer viable.

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