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Integrating asset management and service functions makes Asset Manager and Service Manager's booking system uniquely powerful...

Integrated with asset management

As the booking system is fully integrated between both service and asset management functions, you can set any asset or class of asset to be bookable. Combined with Asset Manager's ability to autodiscover networked ICT assets, this is already a powerful tool. However, as Asset Manager's registry can include any type of asset you can think of, furniture, rooms, or even people can be made bookable resources. Multi-site functionality enables these to be handled from a central booking system where desired.

Integrated with service management

The booking system allows users to see whether there are outstanding service issues with the assets they wish to book, avoiding unpleasant surprises and last-minute service requests.

Timetable-friendly booking, including exceptions

Integrated asset and service functions enable individual assets or asset categories (e.g. assets in a room) to be bookable, depending on how you choose to configure them. The system is user-friendly and designed specifically to work with education timetables, enabling individual or recurring bookings, and timetable exceptions such as exams and residential events. Many establishments run on multi-week timetables, and the asset booking system has also been designed to accommodate this. Wizards enable users to create timetables in just a few minutes, and a drag-and-drop system and category coding make managing bookings a breeze.

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