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What's delivering good value, what isn't? What are the warranty or lease statuses of your school's assets? Asset Manager and Service Manager put the answers at your fingertips...

View service history, costs, and contact details in one place

Asset Manager is fully integrated with CSE's Service Manager, so you can record and view the servicing contact details, history, and costs associated with a given asset in one place. Asset Manager's capabilities go well beyond IT assets, so anything from minibuses to furniture can be tracked.

Multi-site asset management

Asset Manager and Service Manager's full functionality can be applied to assets and services across multiple sites, enabling managers to hold and use central records for all. Local users can see and use all the records relevant to them as usual, but they can also be viewed, interrogated, and booked from a master site, streamlining management and admin processes for multi-campus establishments and consortia.

Ability to handle leased assets

As an education specialist, CSE knows that many schools now take out leases on assets, particularly ICT assets. Therefore Asset Manager is designed not only to embrace leased assets and report on their status and budgeting, but to change their status easily if or when you purchase them.

Warranty, maintenance, and lease expiry

Asset Manager can warn you automatically when warranties, leases and other time-sensitive attributes of assets are nearing renewal or expiry deadlines, so you'll face no unpleasant surprises.

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